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written by: Art Blacktooth


It is no strange fate we stand here before each other, two distant fires burning with unchained fury, a longing for unspoken chemicals and nights filled with sweat. Indeed, it is heresy to speak these words, to reduce our dreams to a hopeless cinder of expectation.

Our whims have betrayed us, a conscience of vows reduced to low sparks of indifference, a blank history filled with shrinking hearts and anger. Let us restart this clock tomorrow, a second breath for love and the dirty blood that follows. Let ancient memories fade, these fevers of flesh and whiskey, a banquet for friends who have passed their buck and called it a day.

No, it is all too much. I will be consumed...

The rules have always been there – obey and disobey. Witness the sand as it passes through an hourglass of faith, a tradition passed by celluloid and drunken moons. This is marriage, a bland habit of misery followed by generations of smiling brides, each glib in their expectation of man – a dumb beast who wishes only to fart.

Indeed, glorious is this brutal misconception. Reproduction has never been more fun. God has played his final card in humor as we are all but fools for the double tit. Now let's see who the suckers really are in this wretched game of carnage...



Carnage explores the deeper meanings of lust and sin, the primitive impulses inherent within all human beings. In the back of our conscience, there are urges which motivate us, yet we are bound by the laws and expectations of social obedience. Carnage takes a sinister peek under the skirt of such oppression...

Art Blacktooth

Art Blacktooth

Art Blacktooth is a creative surgeon. He dabbles in literature, photography and illustration and lives in sunny Florida. His goals are to blend his unique flavor of poetry with abstract visuals, to share and inspire new ways for expressing prose...
Art Blacktooth

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