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Carpet of Stars

Carpet of Stars

written by: Fotoula Reynolds


I don’t blame the month of February
But I want to lay blame somewhere
Like it will help take away the pain
So, I disguise my facial expressions
I master a believable smile
I place a cloak over my shoulders
No one will know the weight they carry
This beautiful-hurtful world shreds and
Scatters me through the wind of change
On wordless pieces of paper
I am invisible, I am surviving

What right do I have to be happy?
To be celebrating and enjoying life when
You are burdened with all the ‘what-if’s’
And ‘what-now’s’ that have come your way
Head forward, eyes glazed, no compass
Desperately clutching the wheel and
Sitting there stationary, blameless
On life’s slippery lane, the news hits head-on

Just when you think it is safe to dream
Of holidays and pleasant things
Beneath your tread the floor gives way
Crumbling underfoot the awful truth lays bare
With no hint of intrusion, on the surface
All seems smooth, but thunderclouds threaten

Today, I see a rainbow, its beauty means so much
I blow you a kiss and a prayer in the colorful air
As the sun reaches down and touches the earth
Streaming through the bleakness of your soul
I wish you a carpet of stars to dance on

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