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written by: Madhumita



Change is the way of life

So change,

Change your outlook,

Change your attitude,

Get over that forever urge

To add your name to me

As your wife and sister,

Or your daughter,

I do not need your name

To be known as someone,

I have my own identity,

My own name,

I want to

And can live up to it.


Change the way you always look at me,

Why this obsession with my body?

My breasts and my vagina!

You stare and ogle,

Whistle and jeer,

Or raid me at your will,

Grope, scratch, bite

And what not,

At times leaving me up for dead

In every nook and corner of this world,

Trying your best to shame me,

But beware!

Or else like Mahakali

I will pick up a sword and a trident,

To do away with all of this

And stand as an equal to you.


Oh yes! If you can dare bare your midriff

And show off your ‘abs’,

I can as well,

So stop the hullabulla over this,

My drinks,

My short skirts,

My night outs,

My boy friends,

My work hours,

Etcetera, etcetera,

Let us mind our own businesses

For I am as mature and grown up as you are,

If you can take care of yourself I can as well,

Moreover no one has given you the right to be ‘my moral police’.


And listen! You are no one to choose for me my bed fellow,

I have the right to decide

Who I want to sleep with,

Make love to,

And why do you all gush over my virginity?

Do I ever question yours?

Let me decide how, when, where I get my hymen torn,

No I do not need your labels or tags

That mark me as ‘loose,

For there is more to me and my character,

I am Durga, Gauri,

Laxmi and Panchali,

I can bring up or bring down an entire society

Depending on the way you handle me.


So better you too change,

For change is the way of life,

Change your outlook,

Change your attitude,

Change the way you look at me,

Times are changing,

So are we,

I have changed too,

So why cannot you?

The world is changing,

The universe too is,

Let us change for the betterment

Of each other

And for the future generations too.





MAHAKALI – Goddess Kali, the divine protector, dons several avatars to protect the weak.

DURGA – She is the warrior goddess, whose mythology centers around combating evils and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity and dharma of the good.

GAURI – Goddess Gauri is Devi, Shakti or the Mother Goddess, who appears in many forms, such as Durga, Parvati, Kali and others.

LAXMI – Laxmi, is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity.

PANCHALI – Also known as Draupadi, is one of the most important female character of Mahabharatha.

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