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written by: Nivedita Roy



Here's to the dubs
Here's to the fails
Here's to the anchors
And to the sails...
A word of mine
For this world of us
A simple algorithm
To never-ending fuss...
For the trees
And their mountains
From volcanoes
To better man thou sane...
For the animals
And their lands
From earthquake
To fairy wands...
For the fishes
And their oceans
From tsunami
To spring seasons...
For the birds
And their skies
From smoke
To clear sunrise...
For the humans
And this earth
From this beast, you turned
To humanity that's worth...
This caste, creed, and races
This class, countries, and religions
This urbanization and civilisations
This power, desire and dollar's faces...
Because, the man in the man I watch today
Has long vanished from this race...
Because in the search for infinity
We forget that zero has still been the base...
Because the so-called civilians we developed into
Have rather less numbers of days...
Because with these unchanged changes
Only catastrophe seems dooms way...

Nivedita Roy

Nivedita Roy

I have been writing since I was seven years old. I write, as an outcome of love, rebellion, instability, ecstasy and all I experience. I write poems, stories and working on fiction. Still a student, so don't get much time..
Nivedita Roy

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