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Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons

written by: A. Siegelster



Like pretty flowers that in spring grow,

Like sweet nectar for yellow bumblebees,

And the dances of the green swaying trees,

In early spring when seeds begin to sow,

And in the sunny moments such as these

Breezes ever peaceful start to flow.

But in the course of time they come to know

That this pure spring was never meant to last,

And love-ly seasons come and pass too fast

And give way to storms engulfed in snow,

For nothing blooms in blizzard’s violent blast,

And sends all joys to toss in season’s throe.

The pains of years go often quickly past

But never do they offer oaths of ease.

A. Siegelster

A. Siegelster

Born and living in Los Angeles, I am a poet and a student. I am a classicist, studying ancient and medieval Latin poetry, and working to write my own poems and to find my own voice.

My poems range from the dark to the fantastic.

I am not yet professional, but I am working my way there, working to get my voice out into the world.

The mind constantly reels.
A. Siegelster

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