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Chasing Rainbows

written by: Steve Pearson



Sometimes I'm on it
Thoughts aligned
Chiming burnished dreams of gold
Sometimes the demons
Bring me down
'till the heat of the day turns cold
A mile below daylight
A day behind now
A fall to toneless end of the day
The overrun thought
The empty skin
The fight to hold darkness at bay
But I'll rise up again
And I'll smile again
The sun will come rolling over that hill
And it's mine again
Over the line again
Life again bends to the weight of my will



Returning to a safe place will seem impossible where a person finds themselves in the depths of mental illness.  Recognising the old happy self, that time and care will return, is a monumental task.

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Steve Pearson

Steve Pearson

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That's me at the front of the photo. I'm an atheist, socialist, humanist, poet and soon to be novelist. From here to there and a lot of shit in the middle. That's life.
Steve Pearson

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This publication is part 7 of 10 in the series Mental Health: The Diary of a Broken Mind
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