Childhood, a poem written by PatBunny at
Annie Spratt



written by: PatBunny


Today I feel as though
I have aged
Ten years
In one night.

I feel as though
My brain has grown
Two times
Its original size.

I feel as though
The things I do
Don’t compare and
Can’t compare anymore.

It hurts. I cry.
I get up again.
Every day the struggle,
Not as bad as before.

Nobody knows who I am.
I don’t know who I am.
Everybody knows who I could be,
But the question remains:

Do I know my potential
As I cry
And get back up again?

These convicted thoughts clash,
And I’m stuck in the middle.

Remembering those fond memories,
Down the slide,
In the air,
Those are in the past,
Wish they would last,
The chalk still etched on the sidewalk.

Hopscotch and jumping rope,
Playing out thousands of scenarios,
Only to grow up
And do it for real.
That laughter I felt

And I wish it was back.
But that clock moves on,
And never looks back.

Wishes made and lost.
Friends gained and gone.
Life’s no longer fun and free
And never will it be.

And those fond memories
Of that past child in me
Never resurfaced.

She’s still waiting,
On the playground
Asking, “Will you play with me?”

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