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Chloe Maria

Chloe Maria

written by: Ian Thompson



I’m not good with tradition,
I take a break from the norm.
I like to be different
And try not to conform.

So Father’s Day this year
Will be about two,
As there’s no daughters day,
It’s about me AND you.

What makes a good dad?
I’m not really sure,
I just hope love’s enough,
Because I couldn’t love you more.

Whatever I am now,
A good dad or bad…
you’ve changed me forever,
And for that I’m quite glad.

You’ve opened my eyes,
My dreams and my heart,
You’ve made me rethink life,
And tore my logic apart.

I love how you laugh,
How you giggle and smile,
How you play me like a fiddle,
And do it in such style!

You’ve made life worth living,
I have hope and ambition,
A better life for you,
Is my new lifetimes mission.

Although you don’t know it,
You’ve changed me no end.
And this ain’t no rehearsal
Or a game of pretend.

My priorities changed,
My whole life now has meaning,
Which I try to remember,
When you’re crying & screaming.

So do I think Father’s Day,
Is really for me?
Or have YOU just made me,
All I can be?

If I’m a good dad,
And I get a nice card,
Because mummy thinks I’m worthy,
Or I’ve worked pretty hard..

Then that makes me happy,
And it means a great deal,
But you can’t quantify love,
Or write down how you feel.

So on father’s day this year,
We’ll both celebrate the day.
Because if I’m a good father…
You’ve made me this way.

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