Chosen For Greatness But By Whom? micro fiction by Caroline Ashley at
Giovanni Battista Piazzetta (Portrait of a Boy with a Sword)

Chosen For Greatness But By Whom?

Chosen For Greatness But By Whom?

written by: Caroline Ashley



I am the bearer of the stone-held sword. Skinny arms shaking, heart aflutter, I raised it aloft, their destined royal champion.

I came of age, groomed on divine legend, while the shadows whispered – straw man; charlatan. Shackled to duty as my blade was to rock, micro-fractures lace my soul. Their dreams superseded my own, though my accomplishments never seemed worthy of accolade – I do not feel sanctified.

I reach for the stone, bestower of my fate. The sediment crumbles in my fingers, cracks snaking outward from the cavity, weakened by my hope-filled predecessors.

There is no comfort here.

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