Christmas Clatter, a poem by Ken Gosse at

Christmas Clatter

Christmas Clatter

written by: Ken Gosse


Every child has known and has watched in their dreams
(although some have forgotten as grown-ups, it seems),
his fur-trimmed red suit is a sure give-away
to the people inside who might not see his sleigh
or the eight tiny reindeer out front, sometimes led
by a ninth with a nose that is glowing bright red,

and so some people call 9-1-1 all night long
to complain of a stranger who’s done nothing wrong
but devour the cookies kids left there for him
(and it seems he left presents for all, on a whim)
right before he moved on to the next waiting roof,
transported by magic in each tiny hoof.

He does this all night, just one night, every year,
and listeners will hear him call out, loud and clear
as his team whisks away, out of sound, out of sight,
“Happy Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!”

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