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Christmas In Shorts

Christmas In Shorts

written by: TM DiSarro



Somewhere in the city
Someone’s singing silent night
A lovely melody drifting
through the snow
The shoppers have all shuffled home
On streets all paved in white
As Christmas decorations softly glow

Picture perfect strolling
through a wonderland of sorts
Hand in hand we brave against the cold
But then I wake beside the pool
And see I’m wearing shorts
This endless summer life
Is getting old

The seasons seem to melt
Into each other like a dream
I can’t quite put my finger on the day
And all my plastic snowmen
Look so oddly out of place
A poor excuse for cheer on Christmas day

As much as I can hope to try
To make the seasons ring
With salsa and an iced Corona beer
The fact that there’s no snow
Just puts a damper on the thing

With every Christmas melody I hear
An island Christmas can’t compare
To New York City bliss
Like Rockefeller Plaza and the Tree
The storefronts and the shoppers
Are some things I truly miss
And yellow cabs as far as I can see

Salvation Santa’s ringing out above the mass disorder
The frosty sidewalks filled to overflowing
It just don’t feel the same way
on this beach south of the border
I can’t help wishing that it should be snowing

A horse-drawn carriage sleigh ride
Through the roads of Central Park
Some twinkling lights
and cocoa on the way
And later on martinis
and some dancing in the dark
Then presents by the fire on Christmas day

The New York City skyline or the chill December air
Tiffany’s or Macy’s big parade
Snow angels and Chapstick kisses
Life without a care
Walking through a winter promenade

So give me Christmas in New York
At thirty two below
Keep your island life for a vacation
Meanwhile I’m still laying here
Still wishing for some snow
Time to turn the shrimp and change the station.


From the collection: THOMAS CADENCE

TM DiSarro

TM DiSarro

TM DiSarro is an American Poet and Author living in Sarasota, Florida. With a passion for poetry and stories, he writes every day and posts regularly on Facebook and Instagram and has been a featured poet on His education is life itself, having gone into the costume rental business directly after high school and being a night club DJ for 30 years. Lyrics, rhyme, books, and the rhythm of words and music have all influenced his writing style. When not writing, TM builds costumes for various events.
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