Christmas Through a Child's Eyes, a poem by Wendy Markel at
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Christmas Through a Child’s Eyes

Christmas Through a Child’s Eyes

written by: Wendy Markel


tree has branches
laden, With baubles silver,
gold and red. Tinsel tucked and
candles glowing, A golden halo on
the angel’s head. A carrot on a plate
for Rudolph, mince pies, and sherry for
Santa’s delight. The lights are dimmed; the
little ones, sleeping. All is ready for the special
night. Midnight chimes on the grandfather clock.
It ticks the minutes into Christmas day. Footsteps
echo from the rafters above, bells jingle out from the
mystical sleigh. A whisper of a magical spell, and laughter
skates across the frozen air. Sprinkles of stardust in the hearth,
soften Father Christmas’s landing there. Père Noël, Babbo Natale.
Around the world his story is told. Sinterklaas and old St Nicholas,
Bring joy to children as good as gold. And even children on the naughty
list are gifted love at Christmastide. No one forgotten or unforgiven, no
innocent hearts should be denied. Come the morning, come smiling faces,
Bewitched by the magic, wide-eyed with awe. All through the night the reindeer
were flying, to bring this splendour to their door.
Hung all around are Christmas stockings,
Presents stacked, and ribbons tied.
Awaiting children’s impatient fingers,
Excited by the wonders concealed inside.

And if perchance you’ve stopped believing,
Just look at those faces filled with joy.
Take a moment, remember the wonder,
When you were a little girl or boy.

There’s a present under the tree for you,
A box full of wishes, hope, and good cheer.
For love and laughter, peace and contentment,
Good health, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

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