Clear Skies of The Cosmos, Please, poetry by Michele Rule at
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Clear Skies of The Cosmos, Please

Clear Skies of The Cosmos, Please

written by: Michele Rule



If Roberta Bondar goes back to space in thirty years
I don’t want her to peer down from that window in the sky
and be disappointed
to see the blue oceans a-bob
with clusters of grey plastics
sullen whales trying
to push their way through
islands of petroleum products advertised
as holiday spots for families
I don’t want her to see
a rainbow of space garbage floating in the sky
competing with the stars for shiniest object
bumping into Musk’s next tourist trip
above the atmosphere
Please keep her from glimpses of
burning piles of trash spewing smoke and ash
like volcanos of consumer greed
shipped by container ships to be out of sight
out of our minds
But instead let her marvel
at the sparkling of ocean whitecaps
moving in harmony with wind and moon and
the beings of the sea
land green with canopies of trees
clear skies that leave the cosmos
open to imagination

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