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written by: The Quiet Quill



Pose here, with no fear
Pose there without a care
If I pose then no one knows
My misery, for all they can see
Is me living ecstatically, here’s happy me!

I’ll airbrush my face to fake some grace
And you get the best view, lucky you!
Take a look at my baby and then maybe
You will notice my pout, but never doubt
This perfect wife in her happy life.

Then we scroll down to another faker,
Another set of dead eyes on a selfie taker.
Here they are in love on a sunny day,
But that’s not who I saw her with yesterday…

And this dull hum is what life has become,
A pantomime to pass the time,
The panic to post the perfect toast,
To indulge and review not just enjoy the view.
These are alter ego lives where honesty strives
And with one click we are easily tricked.

So shield your eyes from daily lies,
Remember the youth behind hidden truths,
Because fakery is rife in this real life…
Enjoy it, don’t destroy it,
Be wise, avoid lies,
To your mind, be kind,
Look away… and LIVE.

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