Cold December Morn', poetry by Michelle Ayon Navajas at

Cold December Morn’

Cold December Morn’

written by: Michelle Ayon Navajas


the rain danced merrily along with the sun.
like a beautifully performed piano sonata.
upon that day. a Monday our roads foretold a melody
in late summer in early December.

you walked past me slightly along my left.
slowly i struggled to escape your deep dark brown eyes.
so elegant. so deep. so unfathomable. yet you caught me.
my heart skipped. my breath drowned.

you took away everything. my blurry eyes.
my broken breath. my bloody heart.
you let our wary hands meet. my heart finally
rests from this chase. my Polaris shines its light upon us.

then, eventually those repeating, endless days.
those days of longing no more. those Christmas eves
where snowflakes run smoothly upon my face
where Christmas carols are sung perfectly.

that, baby this year, this Christmas may be ours to say,
let’s hum our Christmas carol together. let’s hold each other
for long. let me caress you in my arm for you are my lucky charm.
baby let’s stay. let’s dance our pain away on this cold December morn’.

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