Collective Love Consciousness, written by Mario William Vitale at

Collective Love Consciousness

Collective Love Consciousness

written by: Mario William Vitale


we look inside to dig deeper than ever before
a willingness by which to explore so much more
love is all around us as if hope springs a new
many have bitten off far more than they could ever chew
solace is branded by ivy thorns on the impulse of love
brevity is still deep inside of me when I have time alone
to wait in the parlor for a sweet word of enjoyment
the favorable response to its duration and plight
forget the night and the day is far well spent
as if gravity is still deep inside of me but I hide from thee
quietness in a walk through the woods
looking at the Willow tree wave its tender branches
in certain traces we get spaces in ordinary places
conscious response to love
to embark on a pivotal point of existence learn to shun its resistance
out of every circumstance learn to take part in life’s dance
there are various trials to shape your character into being in the moment

love has united the masses with vested chances
love is the union between man & wife
love is in the moment as you gaze into its light
many have departed from its sight giving up on the fight
the human creature is vast in its intellect
a great cause to wait upon such a love
how you have fought so hard and fierce
my truest love is gone from here
a challenge to be free is a question of time
my one solution is using my mind
living on the edge and it’s going to my head
sitting up at night all alone in bed
following the rainbow to the sky
I see a vision of you pass me by
Our war we’re in is almost over
It’s so hard to believe I lost my lover

love has gained it also has lost humanity’s heaviest of cost
yet still dig deep then ever before into the duration of Agape love 
brotherly love to love in a praise of thanks to your fellow-man
let the reader understand everyone has love just have to tap into it
from that of space and time we shall shine
the love of your neighbor greater than yourself
greater love has the man who lays down his life for a friend
a love sought to depend upon day by day
amidst the barren cliffs hero’s glare
through the soul in flight as it permeates matters of the heart
In Autumn as the leaves turn each leaf is symbolic
breathe deep

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