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written by: Dilip Mohapatra



I don’t mind seeing the rainbow
in different shades of grey
one accentuating the other.

I don’t mind seeing the sprawling
meadow shorn of its green
a grey carpet spread before me.

I don’t mind seeing the sepia
in a rising sun and the sky a grey slate
with greyer clouds with silver linings.

I don’t mind the grey butterflies
flying lustily around grey flowers
sucking the colourless yet sweet nectar.

But surely I mind when
the Brown beats the Black blue
or the White shuns the rest.

I surely mind when you say
hate is Black while White is purity
Red is passion and sad is Grey.

In the race of the races
no one ever wins for all are losers
all are victims of pigmentation.

Spirit has no colour and so does the soul
and you see the true colours beyond the skin
only when you’re colourblind.

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