Come Dance With The Swans, a poem by Benedict Hurley at
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Come Dance With The Swans

Come Dance with the Swans

written by: Benedict Hurley



“Come dance with the swans, daddy” she said, as she held my hand so tight,
“Come see how beautiful they are, their feathers are oh so bright” as she looked on in pure delight.
The swans they floated so peacefully,
Washing their beautiful coats of white
As we came near, one looked up and saw us
But didn’t seem to care, it made us feel so happy
As if it was happy to see us there

“Come on daddy, the swans don’t look afraid.
They look like they want us to dance with them, come on daddy let’s play”
Her eyes were shining bright, her smile was like sunshine, I knew I couldn’t turn away.
“Quietly,” I whispered, “We don’t want to scare them away.” “Oh, daddy don’t be silly, they only want to dance with us, they won’t fly away.”

When we reached the water, the swans turned to see us there
No sound, no movement, they floated on the sea
“Daddy they are so beautiful,” as she began to dance, “see, I told them they only want to play.
As she danced, the swans they spread their wings
And they turned in unison as they began to sway
My eyes could not believe what I saw that day
But as my daughter danced, the swans joined in.

With happy giggles and humming her favourite song
She danced and danced for these beautiful swans
Then, one by one, they bowed their heads and slowly flew away
Until only one remained and seemed to say
“Thank you little princess for coming to dance with us today.” Then bowed its head spread out its wings, and it too flew away.

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