Coming Out, Circa 1973, poem by Bill Tope at
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Coming Out, Circa 1973

Coming Out, Circa 1973

written by: Bill Tope


It was Sunday, at daybreak, and 19 year old
Denise walked up to her father as he stood
on the bank of the pond on their property. She
hesitated as he cast a line into the water.
“Dad,” she said, “can I tell you something?”
As he reeled in his line he looked up at her
adoringly. “Sure, Honey, you can tell me

Denise took a breath, told him, “I’m gay, Dad.”
The smile lines crinkled his eyes. “I know,
Honey.” She blinked. “You do?” she asked.
“Of course; I can see it on your face.” She
stared at him. “I’m gay, too,” he added.

She shook her head in wonder. “Since when?”
“Well,” he said, “ever since I got married and
found Christ and started my business and had
all you kids. I’m a happy man,” he concluded,
smiling. As he went back to his fishing, Denise
turned to leave, remarking, “Nice talking to
you Dad; I knew you’d understand.”

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