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Tim Foster

Coming Up From The Dead

Coming Up From The Dead

written by: Karima Hoisan


Coming up from the dead, I exhale back into life;
Palm trees sway in the mounting breeze,
They appear as a tight picket fence to contain the sea,
Even stripped of their nuts, they are still supple proud trees.

I have witnessed re-birth on these tropical shores,
While macaws crack almonds, perched high on tree-tops.
If the wheel stopped here, I’d be the first to disembark,
For I’ve been buried too long, in my zombie-life plot.

Paired, colorful rainbow-flyers soar overhead;
Tears come so easily when I perceive freedom’s call.
Like watching painted inserts in a sepia toned film,
I fill my lungs with their oxygen, crawl out past death’s wall.

I heard someone say, ”Tomorrow we go back to reality.”
But I say, they will only return to their graves.
Is there anything more real than living each precious moment
While tossing all troubled thoughts to the waves?

One more glorious gift I hold tight in my hand
A return from the dead, my shroud, a colorful gown
All vibrant ‘n green, with aqua-water sleek bows
Red, yellow, blue streamers high on top like a crown.

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