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written by: TM DiSarro



The conclusion of the matter
Was a question of perception
It was never quite decided
Who was wrong

As we filter through the wreckage
There’s a pile of old excuses
As if lyrics from
An old familiar song

To replay a thousand questions
As we justify the reasons
Anyone can see the end result
Was right

For the truth remains a constant
Through a fog of indecision
Like a beacon to illuminate
The night

As we struggle with the construct
Of a book of explanations
To make sense of past mistakes
We both have made

There is nothing left to publish
But a manuscript of edits
Missing most of what
We truly want to say

So we have this little story
Like a chapter in a novel
Or a history condensed
Into a line

It’s the sum of our neglecting
That gives pause to our reflecting
As we tell ourselves
We both are doing fine

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