Connor Left Home Today, poetry by Daniel S. Liuzzi at

Connor Left Home Today

Connor Left Home Today

written by: Daniel S. Liuzzi



A man no longer a boy
Only listens to what the apricot man tweets
Sees a Pandemic as a decoy
Takes the message to the streets
Going to the big protest
Thinks the Governors got some nerve
Wants to get things off this chest
Doesn’t believe in the curve
He left his home without a mask
Because he’s got himself some plans
Ignores what the experts ask
Doesn’t plan on washing his hands
Thinking he’s going to free the states
He has a runny nose
Going to meet up with his mates
Not feeling good but still goes
There’s rules he’s got to scoff
The crowd is like a hive
Getting an annoying cough
Giving his comrades a high five
At home now with a temperature
Angels tuning harp strings
Sticking it to the legislature
Beginning to see things
Heart pounding it’s hard to get air
What was with all the fuss?
Laying with a blank stare
Lungs filling with puss
Leaving his family in dismay
Defiantly leaving the homestead
Now After that day
That young man Connor is now dead

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