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written by: SAM KGOSITHEBE


My lips are sealed
My body is motionless
My mind is sinking into a deep pool of thoughts
There is this one question I can't seem to get off my mind


I stood to look into the mirror
I saw a reflection looking back at me
Is it really me??
Or is my CONSCIENCE forming a false image "of me"
It moves exactly the same way I "think" I'm moving
It utters the same words I "think" I'm uttering
What is really happening here

How I wonder,
What really is this thing called CONSCIENCE??
Let me guess,
Is it a soul??
If so, can one body be a vessel for two souls??
Because right this moment
My lips are sealed but inside my head
There is a lot of noise
Am I the one writing this poem
Or it is my inner CONSCIENCE
Ooh yeah, now I know
Or could it be that I AM MY CONSCIENCE

Sam Kgosithebe

Sam Kgosithebe

I write to inspire and to be inspired, i love literature. It gives one sense of wisdom, it opens your mind to the world. So i write to share the wisdom i have in hope to change a life.
Sam Kgosithebe

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