Consumed by Cupid by Scott Kitchens at

Consumed By Cupid

Consumed by Cupid

written by: Scott Kitchens



Cupid has finally come after a long wait

He waited for so long but this year he brought fate

He shot an arrow on the first day

Cupid in his game of play

Her smile is that of a sunny spring morning

The shine in her eyes keeps me yearning

The days do not have enough time

Her beauty is that which only God could design

I love the sweet smell of her natural scent

She has a soul that is Heaven sent

She has soft skin which is smooth as a balloon

I walk with joy and my head carries her tune

Cupid has consumed me with love

He found the time was right to bring a life to complete

He looked at her as a soul mate for my window seat

Cupid didn’t forget my love from above

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