Corner Window, a poem by Victor Monsivais at

Corner Window

Corner Window

written by: Victor Monsivais


a small corner second floor flat
where I used to catch
a glimpse of life
passing by

nurture my dreams
discover my fancies
write my story:
the poem that some day I would become

fourteen (perhaps) years
no more

tempest of pheromones
music, anguish, freedom
the reading, the search
the thirst to fly away

Marcela, Anna, Helena…
building my nocturnal emissions
feeding my urgency to love
my need to be loved

a thousand indecisions
small hits
a thousand errors
and more

non-stop talking:
sex, death, society,
the Beatles, art, love,
beer, music… life

Da Vinci, Marx, Monk
my innocent ignorance intertwined with
the intuitive notion of my own existence

the loneliness of being in the world
the wonder of being in the universe
another slum, another big city
full of second floor flats
I, under the morning sun
slowly becoming another

that one who some day still
would reminisce Lilia’s lips
the corner window
the rainy days

Víctor Monsiváis

Víctor Monsiváis

Mexico City, 1952
Deeply in love with beauty and love, since he was a child, Víctor has been immersed in various fields of art and knowledge. His innate curiosity and his searching spirit have led him to explore the nature of humans through the philosophies, sciences, and works that they have created. But above all, he has dedicated himself to exploring the stuff of art, within which he has learned and practiced in various disciplines: architecture, music, poetry, painting, and photography. He has lived in Canada for the last thirty years. Today, Víctor continues to live in Toronto with his wife, his son, and his granddaughter. He keeps watching time go by as he does his favorite things: singing, writing, drawing, walking, watching the rain, and loving.
Víctor Monsiváis

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