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Country Hymn

written by: Christian Garduno


last time I saw you,
I knew it would be the last time I saw you,
I can’t live off promises forever, y’know
and when you laugh, you really let it all go-
it shows me how to live,
when you go off and call me pretty,
it makes me wanna bite your tongue,
you don’t smile & your mouth don’t move at all,
everything is in your eyes,
I know I won’t get to see you some other time…

I re-play, rewind, everything in my mind,
when did I…
first, see you in the morning?
you made so many changes in my plans,
I lose oxygen every time you look over,
it all comes from your eyes,
no way I could ever blink or look away,
pinky-promise you’ll never see me again,
& then maybe I can breathe again

Christian Garduno

Christian Garduno

Christian Garduno lives and writes along the South Texas coast, balancing between Forensic Files and Moscow Mules.
Christian Garduno

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