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written by: Alisa Guttadauro


Crickets, crickets everywhere,
Crickets at moonlight,
under the stairs,
Sounding ominous,
what do they say,
its getting louder,
please go away!
Crickets of silence,
mocking my day,
why do you haunt me,
why do you stay,
there in the darkness,
provoking my fears,
sweating profusely,
through unspoken tears.
Struggling and striving,
to turn from your curse,
now in a panic,
with each little verse.
My heart's beating faster,
the tide's closing in,
the swarms getting closer,
and I cannot swim,
The noise overwhelming,
I cover my ears,
now who will save me?
the echo does sneer,
My chest’s getting tighter,
How shallow is my breath?
A shadow approaches,
The darkness has gone,
I lift up my head,
The dawn is upon,
A pen in my hand,
A stale taste in my mouth,
Crumpled up papers,
are all about.
My head is throbbing,
and yet there is hope,
The crickets are silenced,
Cause now I’m awoke.

Alisa Guttadauro

Alisa Guttadauro

My name is Alisa Guttadauro. I am an Indie Author, and just published my first children's book. I have a passion for writing, which I developed in middle school. I also write poetry, and I'm a bookworm, spending many a day in the library.
Alisa Guttadauro

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