Crossroads, a poem by Riham El-Ashry at
Ryoji Iwata



written by: Riham El-Ashry


From her high window, she observes
Small heads moving around,
And metal bodies roaring and crushing
Simple lives that roam about.

Watching and perceiving vanity,
She flicks her head in dismay.
The little creatures sink in negligence;
Almost clueless of the right way.

On the fringes, they stand.
Some ranting, some praying,
And some are rushing through
The large metallic jaws.

What an adventure she realizes!
Everyone reaches the crossroads,
And tries hard to find the anchor.
But only few know the answer.

They diverse in all directions,
And navigate every lane.
Farther and farther they go,
Never return or ever be seen again.

But those who stop and hesitate,
Those who ponder upon the flow,
Are the most she looks at;
And the most she pities, though.

As one who dwells the sky,
She fails to understand why
People diverge in multiple ways
Finally, she swerves her head and flies.

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