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written by: Gretl Feeson



Cruelest is the man who sits and says nothing
Stand alone stare with a harrowing message
Or maybe it’s the poorest, crudest of man
Who we all brand as violent, biting at hands
But then what of the angry indignant man
The one who feels drained with no moral compass
Moans and groans develops own brand of justice
Then there’s the soldier in all different shapes
Who plunders and kills or kidnaps and rapes
No words for the actions of each head of state
No words for the actions of the man who won’t stand
No words for all those who play life at high stakes

Doesn’t life burn you when spending it thinking
So here we all are; fast living and sinking

Gretl Feeson

Gretl Feeson

Social trash/introvert posting vague nonsense adhering partly to poetry in content & structure.
Gretl Feeson

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