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Crumbling Nightstand

Crumbling Nightstand

written by: Jecht Fair



Silhouettes shade cover the floor,
early morning light appears no more,
just the pitter patter of the fallen rain,
kissing the window from grey sky to transparent pane-

The weariness buried in ones eyes burn,
whence the light,
no matter how dim,
causes me to yearn…..

For bedcovers that drown me in comforting defeat,
to shield such fragility,
cover my chilled feat,
still the hearts beat.

A pill appears on the nightstand,
whisks me away to an ethereal land,
no sand on ground or sky with sound,
the nightstand crumbles into a white orb on the ground.

I have returned once again,
through the white orb sent
left with myself – forever alone,
no longer trapped in a tear stained home-

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