Cupcakes In The Bathtub, a haiku by Robyn MacKinnon at

Cupcakes In The Bathtub

Cupcakes In The Bathtub

written by: Robyn MacKinnon




5 cupcakes in the bathtub

music library



Illustration description: 5 collage cupcakes in a bathtub, created from clippings from The Coast, and random scraps of decorative paper. Background consists of a yellow shower curtain on top and blue water on the bottom, separated by a bar of white for the tub’ edge. The image is accented and decorated with silver metallic marker, including bubbles floating up from the bathwater, and what appears to be a wavy ribbon of 5 lines across the top of the image (reminiscent of a music bar). Over this dance 3 clippings representing different musical performances (from left to right: Queen’s “It’s a Kinda Magic”, Jinkx Monsoon ’s “Jinkx Sings Everything”, and The Fabulously Rich: The Tragically Hip Tribute – all clipped from the February 20-26 issue). Each cupcake is unique: The farthest left features Elise Le Grow, as seen in an ad for the Halifax Jazz Fest in The Coast’s Hot Summer Guide 2019. She sits sideways across a velvet chair, regarding the viewer from the corner of her eye. In front of this and toward the center, a cupcake features 2 people in large Oyster costumes, also regarding the viewer, each with multiple eyes (clipped from an ad for the Halifax Oyster Fest). Behind and to the right of that floats a cupcake featuring a group of cartoon figures lounging and socializing with each other (Art Brat Comics), clipped from the cover of the February 13-19 2020 issue. To the right and in front of that floats a cupcake decorated with multicoloured neon signage, depicting 2 rectangular word balloons in conversation, one displaying a heart, xxx displayed in the upper right-hand corner beside them (clipped from an ad for a Sex and Dating survey in the January 16-22 2020 issue). Finally, behind and to the right of that floats a cupcake featuring a pastel illustration of what might be an Astronaut or a deep sea diver, seemingly pontificating from a platform (An image of Tough Guy Mountain by The Brandscape – a VR installation from The Coast’s 2019 Nocturne guide).

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