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Cute Stranger

Cute Stranger

written by: thePoeticpiper



Three hours past midday
Three hours away from evening
Third class is where I sat in silence, to proceed to my location
All that could be heard was the crowd of a diverse race
And whistles blown in different lanes

Three dots emerged in my mind
My power of speech was hushed, as I gazed at her entrance
As though it appeared like I stared outside
For she had caused a twinkle in my eye

As I was to set an eye for an eye in a glance
She stared at the entrance as individuals populated the cabin
My legs held me to my seat, for I wanted to reach her
As my hands could not boost me from my glued seat
Felt as though a heavy rock was upon me and had prevented my movement

Minutes increased as my distance to my location decreased
I wondered if she felt the pressure that I felt
For it was like being stuck in the middle of an exam paper
I had the answer to the question
But failed to write down the solution

As the velocity of the train decreased to its halt
She patiently stood up as her smile glowed
I smiled back, thinking she felt my pressure
She walked towards me; my heart beat had a proud song
Paced by me to the sliding door, she had reached her destination
One stop away from my own, I fell in a minor humour
My mind calmed down for it was hypnotised by a cute stranger

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