Daily Miracles, poetry written by Kelli J Gavin at Spillwords.com
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Daily Miracles

Daily Miracles

written by: Kelli J Gavin



I see miracles every single day
My children are proof that miracles exist
I was told that I may never be a mother
How could that be possible?
When being a mother was all I ever wanted
But then this gift was granted to me
One baby and then another
How amazing that God deemed me fit
Able to parent these tiny little treasures
These babies that relied on me for everything
I smiled as much as I cried in the early days
I was so very tired yet always filled with joy
But oh how love grew
I saw hope in the eyes of my son
I saw glee in the smile of my daughter
I was able to discover what each child loved
How each sweet baby thrived
The sleepless nights seemed endless
But I discovered my new purpose
I was meant to be a mother
A caretaker for littles who grew so quickly
Each day it was something new
Grasping a new toy
Crawling and walking
Discovering a new book
Forming new words
Running and racing
My life seemed complete
With these miracle gifts I was granted
I see miracles every single day
My children are proof miracles exist

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