Dance of Spring, poetry by Joni Caggiano at
Mike Lewinski

Dance of Spring

Dance of Spring

written by: Joni Caggiano



fairies dance as fireflies light the sky with magic
whippoorwills call lovingly to one another in blue moonlight
dancing in sheer purple silk, my limbs reach toward stars
you watch with growing anticipation
we are lovers in a nightly woven paradise
spring peepers are gifting their birdlike chirps
seeing your eyes glowing green in the candlelight, I stop
sitting on your lap, I hold your chiseled cheeks in my warm hands
your mouth opens like the crocus awakening to dampen my lips
contentment settles in me like a sniffer of brandy
strong arms engulf me like warm waters
we celebrate spring with our ardent passion
an angel wing drops on my shoulder
spring births new destinies
soaring hope

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