Dandelions, a poem written by Glynn Sinclare at Spillwords.com
Keegan Houser



written by: Glynn Sinclare



Leave the dandelion to butterfly and bee.
Don’t dig it up from lawn you see.
Leave its bright yellow head,
Or you are sure to wet your bed

For sensational culinary delight,
toss the leaves in salad bright.
Make dandelion wine with yellow flower,
It is sure to lend you power.

You break the stem and milk appears.
Apply to warts they disappear.
A cup of dandelion tea, a welcome treat.
No more swelling around the feet.

Map out their contents you will see

Highly nutritious, contains Antioxidants.
Reduces cholesterol, aids blood sugar.
Lowers blood pressure, aids weight loss.
And Promotes a healthy liver,

So don’t get so upset
when a dandelion you get.
Sitting on a path of green.
Only waiting to be seen.

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