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Dark Times

Dark Times

written by: Natalia Aeschliman



Slowly creeping to the world
Chanting “go home! You don’t belong here”
Tears stream down their face
As they look down
As in the old days
Darkness is approaching
Cross arms
Deaf ears
Where do I stand
Do I run now?
Or do I stay here?
As eyes begging to search
My brown skin begins to burn
Eyes start finding me
Following me
Because for them
I don’t belong here
As I grasp my children’s hands tight
I smile at them
Inside I wonder
How long until we get screamed at?
How long until their hate focuses on me?
How long until I can’t go out anymore
Because according to them
I don’t belong here.
But here,
Is where I stand
I belong here, like all men
I belong here under the sky and the moon
I’m as much of an earth citizen
As you
My skin
Kissed by a thousand sun rays
My hair curled by the warm Caribbean breeze
My heart stronger than your weapons
Your hate is no match for my love
Love will prevail
This earth is everyone’s home.

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