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written by: Linda Dobinson



Dawn’s thin light creeps
around the room awakening me.

Taking me away
from my dreams – from you.

All I have left of you
are dreams. Only in dreams

can I touch you, hold you,
walk with you along the shore

of Accra beach. The white sand,
the rolling Atlantic waves –

Accra beach, our beach at midnight
when there was only us,

us and the friendly moon.
I remember the smell of the salty air

mixed with the scent of you.
The scent of you – sweeter than the rose

that climbs beneath my window,
now blushed with dew in the dawn.

Linda Dobinson

Linda Dobinson

I was born in Croydon, England but grew up in Barbados. When I was 17 we returned to London. The fast pace of life was exciting, the shops fabulous but the cold - not so good. Although I do not like the cold and never will, I did like the changing seasons. In summer I love the long evenings but in winter I love the long nights. Spring means 'goodbye cold', and the colours of autumn are inspiring.
I like reading, writing poetry, cats, baking cakes and F1 - not necessarily in that order.
I have published three volumes of poetry. My second book ENCOUNTER is No. 1 on Amazon Kindle.
Linda Dobinson

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