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written by: Małgorzata Kulisiewicz

translated by: Anna Luberda-Kowal


I climb up the hair on your arm,
kiss away the snow from your lips.

Your breath accelerates
as I come closer
and closer.

The sun melts down
remaining doubts.

From the top
we look down on the world
changed for the better.

I return to thirsty soil
in warm rain.


written by: Małgorzata Kulisiewicz


Wspinam się po meszku ręki,
scałowuję śnieg
z twoich ust.

Oddech przyspiesza,
podchodzę bliżej
i bliżej.

Słońce roztapia
resztki wątpliwości.

Spoglądamy z wierzchołka
na świat odmieniony
na lepsze.

Powracam ciepłym deszczem
na spragnioną ziemię.

Gosha Kulisiewicz

Gosha Kulisiewicz

Małgorzata Kulisiewicz – the graduate of Film and Polish Literature Department at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, author of film reviews and essays, articles in Catholic and history connected press, director of TV programmes in Cracow TV. She lives in Cracow. She published her short stories and poems in „Helicopter”, on the internet portal „Writers.pl”, in „Culture Newspaper”, „Lirydram” as well as in „The Drawer.net”, „Lamelli”, „Polish Daily”, „BregArt”, Internet portal „E-Writers”, in the „Horizon” Magazine, in the „Almanac ofPoetry” during the competition „The Golden Metaphor” and „To the Golden Metaphor of Szczecin”, in the almanac on the 4th Julian Tuwim Poetry Competition, portal „New Thoughts” and other anthologies and almanacs. The author of poetry volumes: „Other Gods” and „Cat of Wittgenstein”. In the group of final five authors in the „Big Format” competition in order to publish the second poetry volume. She was also classified to join the workshop „After Début” of the „Literary Office” in 2017.
Gosha Kulisiewicz

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