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Days End


written by: Aaron McMillan



The sun lowers, the remaining heat moves down my back,
This summer’s night is coming to an end,
Such beautiful views, the light hitting the clouds,
I’m going to rest here until the day has gone.
The smell of the sunflowers comes and goes,
Just a light breeze carries it under my nose,
The tall grass waves as if it is greeting me,
Maybe it wants me to stay.
Shall I get on up and move forward?
Then I’ll be lost in this field of beauty forever.

Aaron McMillan

Aaron McMillan

Aaron McMillan was born in Darwen, Lancashire in 1983. He recently moved to Inverness, Scotland. It is in the Highlands that he began to rekindle his love of writing, visiting, various beautiful and inspiring locations. Aaron believes that everything is poetry; that everything deserves to be written about.

Aaron has been published in several poetry books; Men of Words 2015, The Poetry Anthology 2016, Ripples in Verse and The Wider View. He has also has a book published titled ''In the Highlands''.
Aaron McMillan

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