Days of Waste, poetry by A.M. Torres at
Darius Marshall

Days of Waste

Days of Waste

written by: A.M. Torres



I wait for the break that never comes
The aging process
Wasting my days
on what I can’t say
a dull journey
a disappointing existence
I ponder in darkness
my head on the clouds
dreaming of black birds
slumbered again.

Days gone by
accomplishing what?
my cozy bedroom
a place to hide out
The hateful failures
I’ll keep my eyes closed
with nothing to gush at
Waiting again
Black clouds follow
A life barely lived.

I watch from this bubble
the moon frowns my way
a plane passes
buses and trains.
Left here in shambles
years in astray
In penniless fashion
a rose in deep sleep
Black birds come nearer
my emptiness deep.

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