Dear Beloved written by Grace Zwane at

Dear Beloved

Dear Beloved

written by: Grace Zwane



Today dressed my soul in rags
Buttoned pain with an ancient backtrack that life is too short
Your sudden exit from earth was the right entrance timing in heaven
Yesterday sent his condolences like a bouquet of fresh flowers filling my bucket heart
As I reminisced about our childhood days
Now, written as once upon a time on life album
Goodbye in disapproval refused to wave her hand
Dreaded death dare not mistake my mourning for your face
I seek my loved one in the rivers flowing from the corner of my eyes which pray long tales
Alarmed with a scent too strong to be absorbed in a casket
Shattered with a love too ridged to bury
A load too heavy to bear the graveyard can only offload in Christ
Where all roads meet on a crucifix nailed to his back
A load he could bear for us
Oh..beloved his mercy shall accompany me to your seating once more

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