Dear Corona Virus, a poem by Patsy Whittle at

Dear Corona Virus

Dear Corona Virus

written by: Patsy Whittle



You are the worst enemy of all
Full of horror and destruction
Entering bodies so frail
Creating a fire within
So the weak cease to exist

Your venom is destructive
As you set your deathly trap
Like a coward you hide
And wait for your moment
To invade us with your poison
And claim our lives as yours

You prey on our weakest
As they lay silently unaware
That their time has come
Alone they suffer without comfort
From family and friends
At the mercy of your wrath

Nothing stops you for you don’t care
How many lives you destroy
So selfishly hitching your free ride
To the next suspecting victim
Frightfully awaiting your entrance
And fearing their end is near

But we are strong and have united
We will stop you in your tracks
By bonding together as one
To give us more strength than
The power you have become

We will take away your madness
Destroy you where you wait
Wipe you out forever
No more power you will have
To take our lives in vain
As we come together united
We will have the final say,

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