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Dear December

written by: Papia Ray


Ah, December!
You come calling again----
Your annual visit I long to welcome,
Bringing fond memories of Christmases,
Those pure moments of joy and cheer
Amidst sad thoughts for those who weren't near.
Look for me, not in my family home
But in the icy peaks where I stand alone,
Where brooding mountains keep an eye on me
As I keep vigil, cold in my boots, facing my destiny,
Ready to kill an unlucky one,
Or be killed.
Smile at me in my trench of snow and smile at the one
Who points his gun toward me.
Dear December,
Show me your Christmas star,
So a little prayer I can send up there
For the living, who live with their loved ones lost
For the dead, who died before they could live their life,
For the blood, for the tear,
For every cry of fear,
Just because of someone wise
Thought war was fine----.
May the spirit of this season, of Christmas,
Rise above all
And bless every heart with love for all!
May there be peace in the hearts of men
So they don't ever need to kill again!

Papia Ray

Papia Ray

I enjoy reading and writing. It is only recently that I have found that online reading and writing can also be equally interesting. I have self published a book, The Second Spring.
Papia Ray

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