Dear Jogger, poetry by Angie Brocker at
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Dear Jogger

Dear Jogger

written by: Angie Brocker



imagine being in your shoes
what drew you to my father’s truck
in the parking lot
my old high school
burning sound of the gun
blood in random designs on windows
ugly with self-rage
angry artwork
or my imagination
seeping with hopelessness
an exhausted soul
witnessing him giving up
he stole from you
he was tired
he was so, so enraged
at his invisible thoughts
things he couldn’t leave behind
what he created
apologies cannot dull
what you saw
unwelcomed knowledge
pain inadvertently shared
his brokenness
blocked me long ago
certain pieces stuck in me
draining as his jagged
anger pierced me
did he think about
who would find him
did he care
did he understand
did it matter
to him
i don’t think it did
i don’t think you did
we were not enough
his cocoon wrapped so tightly
he could no longer breathe
I hadn’t taken a full breath
because of him
for years
shallow is safer
please don’t say you can no longer
breathe deeply
please tell me you can
inhale without hesitation
accept my apology

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