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Chris Benson



written by: Luiz Syphre



I’m not wholesome, but if you accept me
my whole being will be forever yours
not just some

it is no surprise
that most times
I curse when I talk

but know those same words
will turn tornadoes
to whom wish you harm

my checking account is empty
but if you take my hand
your spirit will be as full as a super moon

I can’t always take you out
to a five course dinner
but I’ll slave in the kitchen

to fill your food cravings
or make you full
in any other voids within you

yes, at the moment I am spiritually
and financially broken
but darling, my will is unbreakable!

love, I will sweat an ocean
to buy a golden pedestal reserved
for your perfection as quick as I’m allowed

my queen, know my deficiencies are temporary
but if you take me, my resolve and devotions
will be eternally your dominion


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