Deep In The Heart of Heaven, poetry by David Dephy at
European Southern Observatory (ESO)

Deep In The Heart of Heaven

Deep In The Heart of Heaven

written by: David Dephy


Here is the news —
we have seen what we thought was unseeable,
this is the smile in the dark, the smiling ring of light
surrounding a dark circle deep in the heart of heaven,
deep in the heart of our own expectations, dear friend.
Here is the news —
coming to you every second on the second, wake up.
Event Horizon Telescope like the desire of the first kiss,
is calling you, here is the news — here, according to genius’
prophecy, matter, space and time come to an end and vanish
like a dream, like childhood fears, we are the children
of heaven, children of that smile in the dark, this is the journey
from mother earth, like motherhood is every mother’s journey
with her children, wake up. Here is the news and there is hope —
a longing for the future, don’t ask me what’s beyond,
don’t say “wake me up when you will see what’s beyond,”
because heaven says: “Everything that we want
is beyond our fears.”



Photography – European Southern Observatory (ESO) / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

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