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Definition: LOVE

Definition: LOVE

written by: Anthony Henderson



A friend asked me a question yesterday
To me it was like a whisper from above
Asked so innocently like from a wide eyed child
She asked ..with no intent…define “love”

I drifted for a moment but got back on point
I had to think honestly and truthfully to show the real
I didn’t know how to speak of the wonders of love
Then it was blatant and blaring…just show what I feel

I have the love…one that makes my world a complete place
The one that when I am down…lights up my galaxy
When she is gone…I hurt …I want…I yearn and need
When she is near…I am more than I could ever be

I am her heart protector…her strength and warrior
But in love…I am more …I am hers now
I am the impossible…the unstoppable and unconquerable
For love makes me universal for all the whys and how

So to define love for a friend of mine was to show mine
I wake to the thought of her …and sleep to the same
I drift off daydreaming of us together again
And I see myself often whispering her name

So what is the definition of LOVE
It starts with a woman…and a friend
It ends with my friend as my woman
My definition…it’s YOU…until the end

Anthony Henderson

Anthony Henderson

My name is Anthony Henderson. My writing pieces may have a different styles and methods. I have written other songs and works under the pseudo "AHDpoet" and my true name. I believe writing allows freedom from inside and lets us look back to see where we have been and where we can go..
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