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Deja Vu


written by: Shawntelle Moncy



Life is not an easy task, it’s full of cruelty, confusion and difficult decisions.
Recently I have found myself between a decision for a better mark on my resume or a life to learn about myself through struggle and passion. One decision will provide me with money, the other I may struggle in that subject. Yet, that one decision will lead to work as priority, rather as the other, my freedom.
I shall admit, I pondered between these two choices for several weeks and have recently realized that I would be placing the wrong things above the others. And what would that make me become?
Every decision should not be chosen because of money, no matter the benefit. If this element were to be taken out of my choices, the decision would be clear.
This by no means, means that I will consciously make the decision to not make a great amount of money throughout my life. What it does mean is that I will not place it above all else; and for this I find that there is no rush, as long as I am happy, time stands still.
I will not change my plans for the future with the person I love, nor sacrifice that love for it. Of all the risks I strive to take, to lose love will not be one of them. I will not disclaim the life I have discovered on my own, nor sacrifice a life of passion no matter the money it makes me.
I still need to learn to count my pennies to pay for the things I find dearest. I believe that common sense is based upon what your heart needs, not your wallet. For me, this is to continue becoming who I will be in this world all on my own, all my decisions made with my heart, and to always feel pride within it.
Every decision we make is fate. The slightest thing that holds you back is your heart pulling you away to continue just where you are. There is no regret to be felt about the decisions we make, no “what if’s” to be asked later down our paths. It has set us down a road of déjà vu; meaning we are where we meant to be on this Earth, here and now.
These decisions are constant cross roads to challenge who you will become, that make up your soul. Never should a single material thing fill up your free spirit.

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