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Desert Song

written by: Godfrey Holy and Tanya Rakh


when all of these
sandstorms are silent
and our ghosts
have lost all their names
I will live as silk around you
an opal under your oasis

bury me broken in open
wind, seismic and howling
our fractured songs cut
horizons through alien
dunes, centuries of ruins
a fatherless heart line

my nearest sun, it glows here
spins blue constellations,
a pulse between our
quicksilver hands, this
sweat and sulfur breathing

we drink almond dreams
and golden memories, ever
haunt these sharp, corroded
spires where we gladly
lose our souls

Godfrey Holy

Godfrey Holy

Godfrey Holy is a published author of several anthologies (In the Crosshairs, A promise of Doves among others). He has been a guest author in several other books. He resides close to Boston with his wife and three kids.
Godfrey Holy

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Tanya Rakh

Tanya Rakh

Tanya Rakh was born on the outskirts of time and space in a cardboard box. After extensive planet-hopping, she currently makes her home in Madison, Wisconsin where she writes poetry, surrealist prose, and cross-genre amalgamations and works as a professional manuscript editor. Her poetry has appeared in journals including Danse Macabre, Yes, Poetry, Bywords, and Occasional Brilliance and is featured in The Alien Buddha's Feminist Agenda (Alien Buddha Press 2019). Tanya has just finished her first book, Hydrogen Sofi, which she hopes to publish this year.
Tanya Rakh

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