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Design For Life

written by: Nida Wasim


Years I spent talking to the stars
I inquire them what’s this all about
Is there a blueprint to lead this life
Sparkly stars left me baffled
If there’s an unknown design for life
Of the monks or mundane
What’s the way to get it right?
Each attempt to compose this life
Leaves it more dispersed in time
What strange phenomena is this life
A recondite play, no hint of narrative
All of us are artistes stumbling through our parts
Unable to fathom our purpose of life
Raveling these threads make it more entangled
Leave us humans worn to frazzle
This life is but a twisted circle
Happiness and grief are mere expressions
For some it’s a wonderland for many an abyss
Circumstances shape what it’s called
This era of bustle is deprived of the love and pride
They teach and preach to us the dogma of abstinence
But the sole doctrine of heedless hedonism is what we practice
Worldly delights fill hearts and consumed thy souls
And what’s left behind is apathy and destitute
O what Bittersweet symphony is this life
A conundrum with no absolute inference
There’s no factual design for this life
We keep trying and then we die

Nida Wasim

Nida Wasim

While medicine is my profession, writing and freezing moments through lens is a way to explore and express my creative-self.
Nida Wasim

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